The Hottest Christmas Decor Of The Season & Tips On How To Keep Your Home Festive

Christmas is a wonderful season where family and friends spend time eating and drinking, and hosting is central to the season. One of the most exciting things about the Christmas season is transforming your home into a festive seasonal wonderland.

You can choose decorating ideas from the classic Christmas decor items such as mistletoe, fairy lights and garlands, to more modern decor items such as using sheepskin throws and rugs and candles to make your home elegant and festive that you will love.

  1. Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is one of the main features of Christmas decorating. You can either go traditional with a classic tree and classic decorations. To make it modern, you can decorate the tree with ornaments that are meaningful to you, such as family pictures that capture moments that are fun and memorable.

You can also use candle lights to create a bright sparkly tree, Christmas cards you receive or any other quirky items that will make your Christmas tree a point of interest. Dress up your tree with a tree skirt to cover up the stand if you do not like how it looks and make it look even more interesting. An interesting tree skirt with Christmas patterns or season colors is an excellent option for creating a festive feeling.

  1. Decorate Your Mantle

For the fireplace mantelpiece, use different decor items instead of hanging stockings. A fun way to make your mantelpiece more interesting is to have Christmas figurines that tell a story.

You can use traditional Christmas figures such as the shepherds and the baby in the manger, or you can use Father Christmas figurines, reindeer, and cute Christmas Gnomes that will instantly bring a Christmas feel to the room. 

  1. Use Fairy Lights

Fairy lights on the Christmas tree are the traditional way of bringing Christmas cheer into a room. However, to instantly make a room more festive, use fairy lights on the curtains trailing down, which will make the room feel very cozy. You can also have fairy lights on the staircase railing, on the border of big mirrors in the house, and trailing on doorposts.

Ensure that the string lights you use are safe and are not at risk for fire. You can elevate your decorating by using garlands intertwined with string lights for an even more festive look. The best fairy lights to use are warm yellow ones as they create a classic warm glow. You can use colored string lights outside the house for an attractive and welcoming look.

  1. Decorate Your Table

The table is where a lot of Christmas gatherings take place. Your living room coffee table and dining room table are focal decor pieces that can increase your home's luxury or cozy Christmas feeling. You can use plaid tablecloths, festive table runners and a Christmas centerpiece to complete the festive look. 

Your centerpiece can be green-based with a garland and candlelights to make it attractive and stylish. Floral centerpieces in Christmas colors are failsafe decorations for your table. Metallic-based centerpieces such as Christmas baubles in glass jars and softened with feather decorations are elegant and create an excellent Christmas feel.

  1. Use Festive Pillows

To instantly make your home more festive, use pillows in Christmas colors such as red and green and festive decorations. A pillow cover that looks like a wrapped present will be a great decoration for your living room.


With some classic and traditional decor ideas, or modern decorating tips, you can create an ideal setting for the Christmas feeling in your home. Using these tips and other ways to make your space welcoming and enjoyable for your guests and family will make the Christmas season more enjoyable. And, to shop our fan favorite Christmas Gnomes and more holiday decor for your home, head over to our catalog:

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