Hi! I'm Oriana, owner of Dreambox Boutique. Welcome and come on in!

I've been married to my husband John for 18 years, and we have three children; Presley (16), Sergio (12), Jolie (6), and our Goldendoodle Willow. Our lives are crazy; most days, we don't know if we are coming or going. Running a business and ensuring my family is taken care of can be crazy! Luckily they all support and help when they can.

Dreambox Boutique came about in the summer of 2019. At that time, my oldest daughter Presley was signed to a talent agency in California. We were traveling back and forth, and she realized at that time (age 12) that we were spending lots of time and money to get her back and forth. She decided on her own that she wanted to learn how to sew so she could make key lanyards to sell to offset the cost. So, she asked her Grandmother to get out the sewing machine and teach her the basics...and she did.

Presley's lanyard business blew up throughout the community, and we had a hard time keeping up. It was to the point where we almost had to outsource because Quicken Loans reached out to lanyards for their staff!

She then learned how to make scrunchies and earrings and was selling those as well. As time went by, her little business grew and grew. She started exploring, and we started buying little things to become a whole store in our house! I was an accountant for over 20 years. As owning my own store had always been my dream and passion, there was no better time to hang up the calculator and open our brick-and-mortar store.

Needless to say, we are living our dream. At our store, we couldn't love our customers more. We love to style, dress, and help you shop. You will always have our 100% attention. Thank you so much for being here and helping us live our dream!