'Tis The Season To Sparkle! Holiday Style Tips We Must Share!

Whether you are going to an office party, a night out, or a simple dinner with your relatives, you'll want to look your best. There are choices appropriate for each of these events, but there are some style no-nos that you'll want to avoid in certain settings. Don't feel out of place at any Holiday event this year by following these style tips for the 2021 Holiday season.

Red is Always In During the Winter

Red is a color that most women have plenty of in their wardrobe but never wear. Sometimes we want to be bright and vibrant, yet we don't want to stick out in a crowd. The good news is: the Holiday season will always be the perfect time to bring out the red. Even, red two piece suits are a great option, especially if you are going to a family Holiday party or event. Others will likely be dressed in festive colors. You'll be able to show off the beautiful red garments in your closet without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Denim For Nightlife

Denim has been making a comeback the past few years; however, the warm Summer months aren't the best time to pull out your old faded denim jacket. Denim can't be wrong for a night out on the town, especially if it isn't especially cold. A light denim jacket with dark denim jeans will be a go to for many women this year.

Add Literal Sparkle with Jewelry Galore

Extravagant jewelry is often not appropriate. This isn't true for the Holidays though. Bring out that piece that you normally keep in your jewelry box 364 days a year. Work parties and family gatherings are both excellent times to pull out your best jewelry. It's easy to overdo it with jewelry, but it's the Holidays, and no one will bat an eye at you for being extravagant.

Stay Warm

Let's not forget the most important style tip of the Winter - dress warm. The cold Winter season is no time to underdress. No matter what you wear, make sure it's enough to brave the elements. No one looks good while they're shivering while standing in line at a nightclub or restaurant.


Plaid is a Holiday classic. You could go with the common black and red plaid, or you could go for a light pink. Cyan, white, and mixtures of grey are also excellent colors for plaid. Nothing says Winter like a plaid jacket or button up shirt. You could also use plaid as an opportunity to pull out more saturated colors. The colors will really pop when combined with contrasting colors on a plaid design.

Don't Be Afraid to be Bright

The scenery may be dull and gloomy during the Winter, but that doesn't mean you have to. Try out bright, saturated colors like violet and orange during the Holiday season. You won't look stereotypically festive; however, you will provide a great contrast to the snow and ice covered scenery associated with Winter.



Last but Not Least

Festive sweaters will always be a big hit at family gatherings. They are warm, soft, and nothing says "Holiday Season" quite like a nice sweater. Some of them are even quite humorous if you want to take that route. In fact, it's almost mandatory to pull out a sweater at least once during the holidays.

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